Mission: We are a Bible-centered community committed to developing transformative relationships both inside and outside the church that shape hearts for worship.


Our Core Values Are:

1.       Transformative Relationship & Authentic Fellowship

We are committed to developing authentic relationships aimed at transformation through prayer and reliance on the Holy Spirit.  We rejoice and rely upon the healthy and nurturing power experienced in the gathering of the family of faith.

 2.       Bible-Centered Living

We are committed to growing in our knowledge and love of the Bible.  We pursue spiritual formation through the body of believers gathered in faith based on the teachings of Scripture.

 3.       Heart for Worship

We are committed to worship that involves our whole being, turns our focus to God and transforms our hearts.

 4.       Community Outreach

We are committed to developing healthy and positive relationships among our neighbors.  We pursue authentic and compassionate ministry in our community in order to win a hearing for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and for the sake of His Glory.