Biblical Roles in the Household of Faith

Information Concerning Upcoming Congregational Decisions (Votes)
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Issue: Since departing from the PCUSA and joining the EFCA (Evangelical Free Church of America) our church made the decision to become a congregationally ruled, elder led, body. This means that the congregation is ultimately responsible
for approving major policy decisions.

1) At our last Congregational Meeting, we approved a proposal by the Elders and Pastor MacPhail. This proposal involved:
• First: A reduction of the operating size of the Elder Board
• Second: Planning a restructuring of the role of Elder to better reflect Scripture’s teaching
• Third: Planning to develop teams to take over practical ministry responsibilities that were formerly considered Elder Duties in order to allow Elders to focus more upon their Scriptural Calling [see “Second”].
• (e.g. “Finance Ministry Team” or “Worship Ministry Team” as opposed to having a “Finance Elder” or a “Worship Elder”).

2) As part of the proposal, we determined tentatively to rotate remaining Elders starting in the Fall of 2013. Therefore: in order to make an informed and biblically sound decision, we need to determine as a congregation how we understand
Scripture’s teaching concerning both the role and the qualifications for Elders.

3) Because we are a congregationally ruled church, it is appropriate that the congregation vote on these matters. We hope to hold that vote at a summer meeting. Therefore, in an effort to offer the best education we can on the question, we are making the following opportunities and resources available:

First: The class entitled “Biblical Roles in the Household of Faith” is meeting on Mondays at 7pm. The purpose of the class is to assist in developing sound theology and doctrine from Scripture, and also to develop understanding of how two systematic theologies (“Complementarian” & “Egalitarian”) handle the topic of “Women in Ministry”.

Second: Recordings of this class are available for those who are unable to attend. They will be made available as soon as possible on the church website: under the “Resources” tab, along with links to the past two EFCA Theology Conferences.

Third: We will make available a short publication summarizing the views and Scripture passages involved in this decision. This publication will also include the Pastor and Elder’s recommended proposal which they believe best represents the teaching of Scripture and serves the church.


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